Amateur Poker Player

Updated: February 4, 2020

What does it mean to be an amateur poker player?

If I say someone is an amateur poker player, what does that mean to you? What would it take for you to consider someone an amateur poker player?

The word “amateur” derives from a French word meaning “one who loves.” It has the same origin as the English word “amorous” and the Italian word for what happens when the moon hits your eye.

Amateurs do it because they enjoy it

If you do something because you enjoy it, when you stop enjoying it, you will stop doing it.

If an amateur basketball player doesn’t love playing basketball, they will stop playing basketball. If an amateur photographer isn’t enjoying taking photographs, they will stop taking photographs. If an amateur musician doesn’t love making music, they will stop making music.

If an amateur poker player isn’t enjoying playing poker, they will stop playing poker.

A professional poker player will keep playing when they don’t enjoy it. They will keep playing because they make money, or they have a commitment to playing poker.

Enjoying it does not make you an amateur

Doing something that you love to do is different from doing something because you love to do it.

I am relatively certain that Lebron James loves to play basketball. But he does not play for the Los Angeles Lakers because he enjoys it. And if Lebron James is playing a game at the Staples Center and he stops enjoying it, he keeps playing. Lebron James is not an amateur.

Implications of being an amateur

Amateur poker players do not need to

An amateur poker player will only do those things if they enjoy them. And they will stop if the enjoyment stops.

Are you an amateur poker player? That’s great. I hope you are having a blast!

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